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Art Deco rings are viewed as timeless elegance. They feature that classic magnetism from the sparkle of the era and their detailed designs contain glimpses of rich history but also translate really well to the modern-day as a contemporary piece of jewellery. This is why art deco jewellery will continue to be popular and hold much value in the current time and for the foreseeable future.

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In terms of gemstones, you will commonly find diamond, sapphire, ruby gemstones featured in art deco jewellery due to their ornate and eye-catching look. When it comes to the different metals, you will often see yellow gold, white gold and platinum; all very high-quality metals that look amazing too.

If you are searching for popular vintage engagement rings, there are several spots you can check out online as you discover an array of beautiful designs from almost a century ago. They are not only visually stunning but almost every piece tells a story. This is part of the enchantment behind the art deco designs.

Gemstones & Metals Used in Art Deco Rings

Each gemstone and metal tell a story when it comes to art deco rings and how they are used. The next part of this article will feature some of the most commonly used gems and metals so you can get a feel for the jewellery of this era.

Metals of Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco jewellery reflected a time of free movement and freedom so you would expect to see glittering gowns that shimmered in the light and big parties full of champagne. This was mirrored in the jewellery too so you would often see platinum, white gold and sterling silver being most commonly used throughout this time period. They were always elegant and managed to capture the opulence of the twenties era.

Gemstones Commonly Used

When looking at Art Deco jewellery, it’s also clear to see a pattern within the gemstones that were most popular in that time frame.  The more glamorous and ‘big’ something was, the better. So, you would often see prominent gemstones with bold vibrant shades in the centre pieces of rings, necklaces and earrings. No matter where you looked, you would always see a big sparkle that grabbed the attention. 

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Some of the most popular gemstones of the era were: green emeralds, sapphires, ruby, jade, coral and even black onyx.  The stone would often steal the focus by being in the centre but it’s also worth noting that there were those designers that chose to use a collection of smaller gems to build a big impact and sparkle in a piece of jewellery. This may be standalone or complemented by a bigger stone in the middle. 

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