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In my last post, I mentioned how behind I am on reviews. I would like to personally apologize to the companies that I am working with/have worked with. I know it is no excuse, but this year has been absolutely awful. I plan on catching everything up. So that is why we are going to start this review off on the right foot -- literally!

I am going to be reviewing Spiffy Socks! Now before I get to all the details about these socks, I have to tell you guys, they are one of the MOST comfortable socks that I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my foot! I don't say that lightly, either. I am very specific about the socks that I wear.

I mean just look at those socks! CUPCAKES, guys! Plus, I love the color of the socks. 
Don't worry, they have plenty of less girly socks too! So, anyway, the idea behind the Spiffy Sock Club is for you to receive one pair of socks each month of the year. It's like getting a present every single month! Imagine opening your mailbox and having that beautiful green packaging staring back at you! I mean, look:

See how they say extra comfortable? Well, I can totally attest to that 100%. Like I said before, I am so picky with socks. But when I slipped these bad boys on, my feet fell amazing. I was able to wear them all day long with no problems at all! I think the thing that I like the best about them is that they are made with sustainable bamboo. Like, who knew that you could use bamboo to make socks? I find that to be very, very cool. 

All of the socks that they make are 75% bamboo fibers and 25% microfiber. Bamboo socks, guys. This is not a drill. I am totally in love with my new socks, and I wear them as often that I can! 
So, my takeaway from this? I've never found a more pair of comfortable socks in my life. And I totally mean that. I want to purchase a subscription of my own! 

Look at this adorable sticker that even came with the socks! I love stickers, guys. LOVE them. I immediately put Frank, this very debonair cat right on my laptop, where he greets me every morning when I open my computer up! But let's get down to the fun stuff! They ship the socks out on the 22nd of each month. They have men's and women's sizes, and at only $11 a month plus free shipping, you can't go wrong! 

If you want to purchase or gift a SpiffySock Club subscription, you can do that by clicking

(Seriously, super fun socks like this make a great gift!)

Now, let's get down to business. SpiffySocks Club is giving away a FREE YEAR OF SOCKS to my readers. Yes, you read that RIGHT! A FREE YEAR OF SOCKS, GUYS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Here are the deets on how to enter the giveaway: 

In order to unlock more entries, you must follow both @SpiffySocks and @JeninferLynnPassmore on Instagram! So, here it goes...HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!

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