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There is no doubt that we have made the transition from handing out paper coupons and business cards to becoming completely digital in this day and age. At least, some businesses are making that leap. There are various ways that paper coupons and deals through the mail just can't do.
Nearly every person has a cell phone these days, even traditional landlines in homes are being done away with. So with a messaging platform, you can reach hundreds of thousands more customers!

Syniverse helps to engage your high-value customers. You can send highly customizable messages that will give your customers to take that leap and give you an edge over your competitors. As of today, 500 businesses trust their platform, with over 740 billion messages being processed each and every year!

With a messaging platform, there will literally be thousands of eyes on your product or your promotion within seconds. They offer all kinds of support for things such as multimedia messaging, SMS (text messaging), Facebook messenger, push notifications, WeChat, mobile wallet and so much more! They even provide a single view of customer's across departments with their SMS API tracking. Taking your business to the next level just got a whole lot easier.

You are even able to track customer interactions through their seamless and easy-to-use system. When we browse the web these days, tons of companies are battling to see who can get our eyes on them first. Syniverse is able to help with that and get eyes on your business alone! They even helped one restaurant that needed a better way to engage with their customers. Here's what happened:

They used mobile engagement to grab the user's attention. They created a fun menu quiz on the restaurant's website that users could take and the restaurant was able to collect their customer's information. After that? Syniverse sent each person a "secret offer" for use at the restaurant that was saved to the user's mobile wallet, through a messaging platform which would make redeeming the offer super easy.

The restaurant ended up dishing up over 2 million offers. Customers redeemed 20% of them. A follow-up text proved even better, with an additional 9% redemption rate. But all in all, the restaurant had grown its opt-in database by 500,000 people. After mere weeks, the restaurant's campaign with Syniverse had earned over $6.5 million in total revenue. Talk about delivering results!

When you choose to boost your business with Syniverse, you receive full support from their professional service teams. You get to choose what audience you want to target, and they help to handle the rest of it! They ensure that messages are delivered on-time in real-time They can help you to earn customer loyalty and deepen the relationship that you may already have with your customers. Just think about it, you can grow your business to heights that you may have never even thought possible. Syniverse makes it all possible in this digital world that we live in today.

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