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Let me tell you. This COVID-19 stuff is crazy. Being in our house and occasionally going outside is not what I thought 2020 would bring. But somehow, here we are, all homeschooling our kids and what's going on with the toilet paper? Are people eating it or something?
Who really knows. Anyway, since the kids are home, some for the duration of the year, some until next month, I figured that I would attempt to create a master list of all the things you can do online with the kids while they are home! Some that they can even do themselves! Every title is clickable, so give it a click and see what kinds of awesome activities there are!

Is the real freaking hero right now. They have a super-mega-master-list. They originally had started a Google Sheet with a bunch of different things that kids can do online. They update their resource list every few hours. You have to check them out. Without one shred of doubt, there is something on there for every child and their interests. They are first on my list because, well, they really put their heart and soul into this. Give it a peek!

This is another great resource that also started out as a Google Sheet. But demand grew, and it became VirtualSchoolActivities. There is a huge mix of things that your children can find to do on that website! From virtual museum tours that immerse them into a fun yet totally educational experience to all kinds of educational websites. There is, once more, something for every child here.

Written by Texas native, Holly Homer is a wonderfully comprehensive list of various websites within our digital landscape that are offering awesome online activities for kids to do while we are all quarantined/practicing social distancing. I love her blog! You have to give it a look!

If your children love to listen to stories, Audible is offering, for as long as the kids are home from school, free stories to listen to. This can be a great activity for them, and you can even make it educational if you want! Have them listen to a story of their choice, and afterward, you could have them write up a short "book report" on what the book was about!

Even if you aren't into science and space and stuff, you have to admit that this is pretty cool! NASA has made its entire library of images free to everyone! Not only images but sounds and videos that they have captured as well! If you want, you can use the search bar to find something specific, say, if you were looking for a picture of Mars. Or you could just browse around! What else do they have? They have their own Pinterest account! And GIFS, the kid can definitely be entertained by watching these GIFS! I'm a sucker for galaxies, so this is totally awesome to me!

Guys, this is awesome! Sure, it is pretty cool to watch your kid's favorite celebs read a book on Youtube. But how about a bonafide astronaut up in space, reading them a story?! That is exactly what the StoryTime From Space program is about! Kids can watch real astronauts up in space, floating about (gravity not included) reading some pretty awesome books! They read some really great books, too! Rosie Revere, Engineer, The Mission To Cataria and many more! Just click the link above to be taken directly to the page with all the books they've read so far!

So go have your kids check out these great resources! I guarantee you that they won't be too bored after seeing these! Keep an eye out for another blog post on crafts you can do with the kiddos while you're home!

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