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Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

Little by little the air is getting warmer, flowers are blooming everywhere, and it is that time of year where you can stay outside longer because it doesn't get dark until later on in the night. That's definitely my favorite part. Just chilling and relaxing outside with the people that I love. My favorite time is just when the sun has gone down enough that the sky turns a beautiful purplish pink. Where it's almost dark, but not yet.

We have a fire pit, so sometimes we light a fire, sit around and just chat. Sometimes we make smores. Now though, we have a new companion for our nighttime chats - Mooni! I mean, just look at this beautiful creation! It was practically made for beautiful summer nights!

Mooni is a beautiful Bluetooth connected speaker and lantern. The best part that I love about it the most, though? You don't have to plug it in anywhere to use it! Seriously! It has a rechargeable battery that connects via USB! Once it is done charging, you can bring this beauty with you wherever you want! 

You can see some of the amazing specs of the Mooni Andale speaker here on the back of the box! I think my absolute favorite is the multi-color RGB! Depending on your mood, you can choose what color you want your Mooni lantern to be! There are ten colors, and four modes, guys! I'm a personal fan of the smooth transitioning colors. It also will pair effortlessly with your Bluetooth device, so once you unpack, you are good to go!

Also included in the box are quick-start instructions to get you using Mooni right away. It also comes with a user manual to get to know your lantern speaker a little better, as well as a charging cord, and a remote, which might I add, is totally wireless. You can turn your lantern on without getting off the couch! In addition to that, you can control the Bluetooth connection, and the volume, as well as having the ability to skip to the next song/podcast/whatever you are listening to!

Everything even arrived beautifully packaged! It was lovingly packed inside its box, and it was housed in this lovely drawstring bag, which is reusable and can be used to transport your Mooni when you are headed on vacation or a road trip. That is one thing that I love about this is that it is so portable! The only time it is wired is when you are charging it! Charging takes very little time, too! I think, maybe it took a half-hour at the most. I've been using it for a week already without having to charge it! 

via Mooni

So, what makes it perfect for summer? You can bring it anywhere! Pool party? Bring this speaker along! Camping? Bring your Mooni! Headed to the beach? You know what to bring. Even when you are not going anywhere, just as pictured above, Mooni fits beautifully with absolutely any decor. Even when you want to take a relaxing bath! The speaker itself is splash-proof, so if a little bit of water gets on it, it won't hurt it! 

Mooni truly is the perfect summer accessory, with a minimalistic look that fits in with any home aesthetic! 

If you would like to learn more or purchase your very own Mooni speaker, click the link below!

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