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Deciding to pursue higher education is a big decision. You are ultimately deciding your career path in life, and what an exciting time it is! Going to college, meeting new people, professors, professionals, and more. You'll come across various clubs and groups to join, it is an all-around amazing experience.

That being said, college can sometimes be financially hard. Aside from financial assistance, there are quite a few scholarships that one can apply for to help you out. Scholarships mean a lot when it comes to college. They can help towards the purchase of items like textbooks and other materials, and in other cases, they can even change lives, for some. For instance, the Nancy Etz Scholarship is awarded to one person each year. Below is a little bit more about this scholarship, how to apply, and more.

Nancy Etz Scholarship

The Nancy Etz Scholarship itself was created to encourage and support students in their quest for higher education. It was created to recognize distinguished and driven students and to give them the resources and help that they need to help advance their drive and discipline and pursue the career of their dreams.

If you have a child that is a high school senior that has been accepted into a college program, or one that is an undergraduate or graduate program, then they are eligible for the scholarship. The total amount of the scholarship is $1,000.00.

How To Apply

You can apply for the scholarship right on the Nancy Etz Scholarship website. You will need to provide details like your name, e-mail, mailing address, phone number, and the college or university that you or your child are planning to attend (or are attending). In addition to those details, you need to submit an essay on the subject of discussing a special attribute or accomplishment that sets you apart. This can be a talent that you may possess or a special award that you have been given. Think of something that makes you outstanding! All you have to do is write up a 500-word essay on that subject, and submit it on the form. In all reality, it is a very easy scholarship to apply for!


As of right now, 2020 applications are open, so you are free to go and apply for the scholarship! There is a deadline for submissions. It is February 1, 2021. After that deadline has passed, the scholarship committee will begin reviewing all submissions, and will then choose a winner, who will be contacted and given the scholarship.

So, if you are looking for a scholarship, this is definitely one that is worth pursuing. We are months and months away from the February 2021 deadline, so you have plenty of time to think about what you want to write about for your entry essay! Remember, dig deep and find what special attribute or accomplishment about yourself that you want to highlight!

Privacy Policy

When you submit a scholarship essay, you are giving Nancy Etz to use your essay and first name for marketing and promotional purposes.

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