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Television is something that I do particularly enjoy when I can find downtime. What is that these days? But in all seriousness, I actually do have a pretty broad range of television shows that I enjoy. I would love to share them with you below and tell you a little bit about each one. Who knows, maybe you'll feel inspired to check out one of my favorite television shows, too! And since we are talking about television, I have to shout out Sam Haskellformer Executive Vice President and Worldwide Head of Television for the William Morris Agency, one of the longest-running talent agencies out there.
Now, some of these are series that are on Netflix, for the most part. One on Hulu for good measure. 

American Horror Story

I mean who doesn't love this series by now! Honestly, I loved it from the beginning, and I love every subsequent season that they have done. But I do have to say that my all-time favorite season was definitely Asylum. There was just so much psychological drama there to wonder about. Then at the end, oh, that ending was absolutely fabulous. If you are not familiar with American Horror Story, and you are the kind of person who enjoys scary television shows (like I do), you have to give it a look! Hulu has past seasons, and they also have episodes the day after they air, so binge away! 

The Haunting Of Hill House

Oh, this was another one that was really head-turning for sure. There is so much mystery to this series. Just as with any binge-worthy series, I found myself wanting to turn on episode after episode after episode. The characters alone pulled me in with all of their different quirks and personalities. This was, in my opinion, a very well written show, and I cannot wait for The Haunting of Bly Manor. Can you see a pattern with me? I really love horror television and movies!

The Umbrella Academy

I am SO DANG EXCITED that they just released the second season of The Umbrella Academy. I will admit that I have not read the comics, though I DO want to. You know, since they are by Gerard Way, that totally brings me back to high school days! But this series isn't horror, I would say it is more certainly in the way of science fiction more than anything, really. The characters are great, the actors are great, I love Ellen Page. If you haven't checked it out yet, I implore you to do so! It is such a good series with such an awesome storyline!

Criminal Minds

I'm also a true crime junkie as well - can't you tell by now? I believe Netflix has this series on their platform. I watched the show when it first started, and that is just how I fell in love with it. I would look forward every week for new episodes! It is so good, and their storylines always kept you on your toes! The writers did a great job with this show! 

So what are your favorite television shows? Comment below! While you're still here, I also ask you to go check out Sam Haskell's articles on The Huffington Post, he has written some seriously amazing stuff!

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