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If there is one thing that I have been getting into during this whole quarantine thing, it is makeup. I've just become fascinated with it, so much so that I have been purchasing more and more of it! I am even trying to learn tutorials on how to contour among other things! It has been so much fun learning about makeup. One thing that I do like to make sure about is where my makeup comes from, and if it is tested on animals. That is an important thing to me. 

I was super excited when I discovered Amanda Jo Organic Bunny. They are all about organic makeup and sell a variety of different brands that are organic. You should have seen me on the website, I was like a kid in a candy shop. I have for sure got to save my money so that I can go on a makeup shopping spree! Here are some of the products that I want to snag when the time comes! 

Complete Face Brush Set In Rose Gold

I have been dying for a brush set, and this is absolutely beautiful! I've been learning how to use brushes, and I want a whole set, and this set is gorgeous! It comes with a lip brush, eye shading brush, tapered blending brush, tapered highlighting brush, round top blending brush, a pro precision brush, a brow and lash spoolie, and a flat definer brush. I just really love the beautiful color of this set, and I would adore adding it to my collection! 

Au Naturale Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil In Graphite

When it comes to Amanda Jo Organic Bunny, the website has a vast variety of different eyeliners. Let me tell you, I am an eyeliner fiend. I absolutely LOVE eyeliner. I have a ton of them. But upon checking out the Organic Bunny website, I saw this gorgeous eye pencil! Can you even? Just look at it! It looks so easy to use, which I love, all you have to do is swipe it on and go! Can you ask for anything more? 

Captian Blankenship Silver Fox Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

I have some looong hair. Some really thick hair too. It is a naturally wavy head of hair, too. When I laid eyes on this gorgeous shimmer spray, I fell in love with it! It helps your hair to give off more beachy waves than it did before. Not only that, but it gives your hair a beautiful shimmer, too! I would love to sport a gorgeous shimmer in my lemon-lime colored hair! Could you just imagine how amazing that would look!

Lily Lolo Shimmer In Star Dust

I have recently discovered the joys of highlighter, and just what it can do for your face structure. Needless to say that I am in love with it. I love swiping it up to my cheek and making my face glow in a beautiful way. I already have a highlighter, a few actually, but I wouldn't mind adding this to my collection! Can you just imagine? It looks like it blends in just beautifully, and I would be so pumped to have this in my makeup collection. 

Eyewear In Maxwell Black
Okay, so they even have accessories, from gemstones to journals and so much more. Even home decor! You need to check them out in order to truly enjoy all of their products. I eyed (pun intended) up these amazing blue-blocking glasses! I am on the computer a lot as a writer. That is why I need to keep a couple of pairs of these babies on hand because I never know when I am going to need to write an article, wherever I am! 

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