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I feel like you guys haven't really heard from me in a while. So, I thought I would write a little humorous post about what I feel like with this really dumb virus going around. There are so many feels that go with it. Never thought I would be writing about a global pandemic. But I try to find humor in everything. So, some feels include...

When You Forget Your Mask

I have done this on more than one occasion. I don't know how I keep forgetting the whole world is in crisis, but somehow, I do. I've even walked into stores without a mask totally unintentionally! It's a crazy world we're living in. 

When I Find A Store With Lysol Wipes In Stock

I can't tell you how often I check at the store for wipes. Even though we have a ton already. I mean you can never be too prepared, right? RIGHT? 

Don't Get Me Started On Hand Sanitizer...

I hoard obscene amounts of hand sanitizer. I mean OBSCENE amounts of it. I am also a Bath and Body Works junkie, so their Pocket Bacs is essentially life right now to me. I have a box with at least 50. I'm not kidding you. I wished I was. 

I Almost Hate Staying Inside

And I am a serious introvert. But call me crazy, I miss going out. I jump at the opportunity to run to the convenience store. With my mask of course! 

You Guys Remember Toilet Paper Hoarders?

Like what was that even about? How did the stuff we wipe our butts with have anything to do with a respiratory virus? Like, seriously? Anyone have an answer for that? 

Zoom Confusion

Oh my goodness. Zoom meetings. I can't stand them. I can't stand doing my therapy through video chatting. All the glitches. Allllllllllll the screen freezing. 

When You Have A Tickle In Your Throat

And you are doing your damndest to hold it in when you're in public because you don't want every single soul to turn around and look at you like you have the plague. All because I choked on my own spit. πŸ˜…

The Kids Are Home

Whoo boy, if we thought our kids tested our patience before remote learning, we were naive! Try helping your kid by telling them to capitalize a letter and they're all like "I KNOW MOM." 

Relationships Are Fun

I mean, what even is cologne or perfume anymore? If they smell like Lysol, ooh boy. Luckily, my boyfriend is in a "bubble" of sorts. He's like me, doesn't go too many places. But he loves Lysol just as much as he loves me too. 😘

You Wished People Would Do This

I can't tell you how many people I've seen wearing masks like this. 
#YoureNotEvenPandemicingRight. πŸ™„


There are sinks where there weren't even sinks before. 


EXCEPT your makeup is all smeared and gross. But at least you can breathe again.

**This isn't meant to make fun or offend anybody. This is just a little bit of good old fashioned fun and laughter that I am trying to spread.

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