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When it comes to open carry, you want the right tools to be able to carry your gun properly. There are a variety of different gun holsters out there that are available to you. In this blog post, we will explore the different kinds of holsters available to you. 

Outside Waistband Holders

Within the vast variety of gun holsters, there are outside of the waistband holders, and those are designed to sit under your belt, or outside of your belt. One example of a waistband holster is the glock 19 holster from We The People. It comes in a variety of different designs and it keeps your gun right next to you, right on your waist. Many people prefer this type of holster over other types of holsters, just because it makes it easier to get to, should you need to. 

Inside Waistband Holsters

When it comes to inside the waistband holsters, they are designed to fit between your body and your pants. There are some holsters where they sit in front of your hip bone, some that sit behind it, and some that sit right on your hip bone. 

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters cross over your shoulders and your back. They allow for a gun to sit in one holster and extra magazines to be held in the other areas of the holster. The pros to this type of holster are that it is not obscenely uncomfortable with something digging into your waist with either the outside waistband or the inside waistband holsters. Plus, these are easily covered over with a sports jacket, but still allows access to your gun, should you need it. 

Ankle Holsters

Ankle holsters give your waistband a break and are easy to use. You simply wrap them around your ankle and then you can put the gun into the holster. Ankle holsters are great for smaller revolvers. A pro to owning an ankle holster is that your gun will be concealed pretty well. However, your chances of getting to your gun quickly aren't so great as you will need two hands in order to grab it, one to lift your pant leg, and one to grab the gun. 

Integrating Clothing Holsters

Many companies these days have chosen to create dedicated clothing just to concealed carry. There are quite a few companies out there that make such clothing. There are vest there are jackets, compression under-arm shirts and so much more. They definitely make a great option if you work in a place where concealed carry is frowned upon, but it is still your 2nd amendment right to do so! There are even bras out there that have holsters and can hold a gun! Who knew?

Pocket Holsters

Pocket holsters are typically made for ultra-compact weapons, but they make a great choice if you have one of them. They fit perfectly right into the front pocket of your pants, for quick access to your weapon if you need it. 

Your best bet is the glock 19 holster from We The People holsters. They make top-quality holsters at a great price.

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